Award Game Event
Best game 2017 The Surge (Deck13) Germany’s Developers’ Awards
Best game soundtrack 2009 Anno 1404 (Related Designs/Blue Byte) Germany’s Developers’ Awards
Best game soundtrack 2008 The Black Eye: Drakensang (Radon Labs) Germany’s Developers’ Awards
Best game soundtrack 2007 The Settlers: Rise of an Empire (Blue Byte) Germany’s Developers’ Awards
Best game soundtrack 2005 Ankh (Deck13) Germany’s Developers’ Awards
Movie/Game/TV show Producer  
Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Marvel Studios  
Black Phone Blumhouse Productions  
Chronicles of Narnia Disney  
Doctor Sleep Warner Bros  
Dune Warner Bros  
Five Nights at Freddy’s Blumhouse Productions  
Friend Request Warner Bros  
Game of Thrones (TV promo) HBO  
Haunted Mansion Walt Disney  
Hunt: Showdown (original music) Crytek  
Jurassic World II: Fallen Kingdom Universal  
Knock at the Cabin Universal Pictures  
Justice League HBO  
Monkey Man (TV Promo) Universal Pictures  
Nope Universal Pictures  
Rings of Power Amazon Prime  
Scream 5 Paramount  
White Princess (original music) Starz  
Winchester Lionsgate  
Project Name Developer Publisher
15 Days House of Tales Entertainment DTP Entertainment
AION NCsoft Korea NCsoft West
Air France Sky Control Chugulu Games La Chose
Akinateur Japan Elokence Elokence
Alexander Ledermann 6-8 Lexis Numérique Ubisoft Entertainment
Ancient Wars Sparta World Forge Playlogic International
Ankh DECK13 Interactive bhv Software
Ankh: Heart of Osiris DECK13 Interactive XIDER
Anno 1404 Related Designs Software Ubisoft Entertainment
Anno 2070 Related Designs Software Ubisoft Entertainment
ArcaniA: Gothic 4 Spellbound Entertainment DreamCatcher Interactive
Battle Forge EA Phenomic Electronic Arts
Bet On Soldier Kylotonn Entertainment Digital Jesters
Black Prohpecy Reakktor Media gamigo
Blood Knights DECK13 Interactive Kalypso Media
Bn-biscuits Chugulu Games Chugulu Games
Bound by Flame Spiders Focus Home Interactive
Call Of Cthulhu Cynaide Studios Focus Home Interactive
Canadairman Chugulu Games Axe
Charlton's Fashion Academy 1-3, DS, wii Lexis Numérique Ubisoft Entertainment
Cities XL Monte Cristo Multimedia Buena Vista Games
City Life DS Wizarbox Monte Cristo Multimedia
Cody & Cora Vtechkids Vtechkids
Colorelli Limbic Entertainment Wacom Europe
Compté Chugulu Games Chugulu Games
Crazy Machines 02 FAKT Software Viva Media
Crazy Machines DS FAKT Software DTP Entertainment
Crazy Quiz Radon Labs RTL Playtainment
Crysis 2 Crytek Electronic Arts
Cursed Crusade Kylotonn Games DTP Entertainment
Dark Star One ASCARON Entertainment ASCARON Entertainment
Décroche la lune Benoit Freslon Benoit Freslon
Drakensang: Phileasson's Secret Radon Labs DTP Entertainment
Drakensang: The River of Time Radon Labs DTP Entertainment
Faery: Legends of Avalon Spiders Focus Home Interactive
Gladius: Spectacles of Blood Tongyang Games Tongyang Games
Gothic 3 trailer music Piranha Bytes Aspyr Media
Guild (The) 2 4HEAD Studios Deep Silver, JoWooD
HALO Microsoft Studios Microsoft Studios
Haunted DECK13 Interactive DTP Entertainment
Horsez 3 Lexis Numérique, Virtual Toys Ubisoft, Inc.
Hunt: Showdown Crytek Crytek
Hunter's Trophy 2 Kylotonn Games Bigben Interactive
Jack Keane DECK13 Interactive 10tacle studios
Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days IO Interactive Eidos, Inc., Square Enix
Kinectimals Frontier Developments Microsoft Game Studios
Lapins Crétins Delapinator Chugulu Games Publicis Net
Learning with the PooYoos 1-3 Lexis Numérique Lexis Numérique
Legend Hand of God Master Creating ANACONDA
Lord of the Tracks / Nissan Chugulu Games Performics du groupe Digitas
Lost Horizon Animation Arts, Fusionsphere Systems Deep Silver
LUKA DECK13 Interactive GmbH Polizeiliche Kriminalprävention
Mars Wars Spiders Spiders Focus Home Interactive
Mata Hari Cranberry Production Viva Media
Meine Tierpension Independent Arts Software DTP Entertainment
Memories of a bright summer Kylotonn Games Anuman Interactive
Metropolis Crimes Lexis Numérique Ubisoft Entertainment
Miraculous Magic Pockets Mindscape
Mission Equitation 1-3 Lumai Prod Mindscape
Moorhuhn: Tiger & Chicken DECK13 Interactive Zac Animation
Mortal Kombat vs DC Univers Midway Amusement Games Midway Games
Musée Digital Jacques Prévert Chugulu Games La Mairie de Paris
My Body Coach Kylotonn Games Bigben Interactive
My Body Coach 3 Kylotonn Games Bigben Interactive
OBUT 2 Kylotonn Games Bigben Interactive
Overclocked: A History of Violence House of Tales Entertainment Lighthouse Interactive Game Publishing
Paws & Claws: Pet Vet Sproing Interactive Media DTP young entertainment
Pferdebande und der falsche Ritter DECK13 Interactive DTP young entertainment
Pirate Century Pixel Racoons Pixel Racoons
Pirate Storm Bigpoint Bigpoint
Plus belle la vie Lexis Numérique Lexis Numérique Telfrance
Racket Sports Asobo Studio Ubisoft
Red Johnson's Chronicles Lexis Numérique Lexis Numérique
Risen 3: Titan Lords Piranha Bytes Deep Silver
Rugby 18 Eko Software Bigben Interactive
Sacred 2 ASCARON Entertainment, Studio 2 Deep Silver
Secret Files 2: Puritas Cordis Animation Arts, Fusionsphere Systems Deep Silver
Secret Files: Tunguska Fusionsphere Systems Deep Silver
Settlers (The) VI Blue Byte Studio Ubisoft Entertainment
Settlers (The) VII Blue Byte Studio Ubisoft Entertainment
Silverfall Monte Cristo Multimedia Atari
Silverfall: Earth Awakening Monte Cristo Multimedia Monte Cristo Multimedia
Sports Party Magic Pockets Ubisoft Entertainment
Sujet 13 Paul Cuisset Anuman Interactive
Superbuzzer Gerwin Software Gerwin Software
The Surge I, II, DLC DECK13 Interactive Focus Home Interactive
Télé 7jeux Chugulu Games Lagardère Active
Télé Quiz Chugulu Games Télé-Loisirs
Tennis World Tour Magic Pockets Bigben Interactive
Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown Kylotonn Games THQ
The Dark Eye: Drakensang Radon Labs Sixteen Tons Entertainment
The Show Take-Two Interactive Software Bigben Interactive
Trivia Sports Chugulu Games Voici
Trivia Stars Chugulu Games Voici
Tourist Trophy 2 – Isle of Man Kylotonn Games Bigben Interactive
Ugo Volt Move Interactive, Produções de Software N/A
Venetica DECK13 Interactive DTP Entertainment
Windchaser Chimera Entertainment DTP Entertainment
WRC 5-11 Kylotonn Games Bigben Interactive
Your Shape Ubisoft Divertissements Inc. Ubisoft
Yummy Yummy Virtual Toys Virtual Toys
Artist Title  
Epica The Divine Comedy  
Janus Nachtmahr  
Janus Mit leeren Händen